About EOF

The European Observatory on Femicide (EOF) was launched in January 2018 at the University of Malta, within the Department of Gender Studies at the Faculty of Social Wellbeing. The EOF is the first observatory in Europe aimed at femicide prevention through the collection and analysis of data. Killings of women represent a unique phenomenon in that often women are killed as a result of their gender. This distinction creates the need for separate research that informs strategies for saving women’s lives.


The mission of the EOF is first and foremost the prevention of femicide through data collection, data visibility, research and awareness raising. This mission is kept at the forefront of all the EOF work. The EOF recognises its serious duty and obligation, as the first Observatory of its kind in Europe, to lead by setting an example of high standard, innovative and collaborative research initiative. Visit the Mission & Principles page of the EOF website for more information about the observatory’s working methods.


The EOF’s coordination rotates among its advisory board members. Starting in the year 2020, the coordination is shared by: Dr Christiana Kouta at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), and
Dr Monika Schröttle at the Institute for Empirical Sociology at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg (IFES).. The work and decision making are supported by an international Advisory Group. Data collection and research take place through a network of country research groups throughout Europe. The research is guided by two thematic groups on data collection and prevention, constituting quantitative and qualitative research branches of the EOF. The data collection group is coordinated by Monika Schröttle with the support from Ksenia Meshkova. The prevention group is coordinated by Maria Jose Magalhaes.

Please view this short document for additional information on the structure of the EOF.


The EOF is initially based on the results of the former COST Action on Femicide across Europe (2013-2016) involving researchers from Europe and Israel engaging with the topic of femicide in the areas of definitions, reporting, culture and prevention. The Action also uncovered opportunities and challenges with data availability on femicide in each participating country. Visit the History page of the EOF to learn more about the COST Action and see its results.