Mission Statement

The mission of the European Observatory on Femicide (EOF) is first and foremost the prevention of femicide through data collection, data visibility, research and awareness raising. The mission will be kept at the forefront of all the EOF work. The EOF recognises its serious duty and obligation, as the first Observatory of its kind in Europe, to lead by setting an example of high standard, innovative and collaborative research initiative.

The EOF recognises past and current efforts in Europe and around the world to prevent and combat violence against women and femicide, and fully commits to meaningful partnerships with stakeholders in the field, including women’s NGOs, governmental bodies, agencies and institutions.

In its mission, the EOF aligns itself with the efforts of the international community to address violence against women and femicide, including in support of monitoring the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (2011), and the efforts of the European Union to eradicate violence against women, and contributing in its work to the Femicide Watch Platform.

The EOF seeks to represent all women victims regardless of their background or status. The EOF recognises that the accessibility and visibility of data is an indication of state accountability for the protection of women and the prevention of femicide.