Accessibility & Visibility of Data

While promoting the release of official data on femicide, the EOF will make its data accessible to others working in the field of femicide prevention.

Outreach & Advocacy

The EOF will actively raise awareness about femicide as well as respond to opportunities and challenges in the field of femicide prevention as they arise.


The EOF will actively engage with relevant stakeholders in the field through equal exchanges and empowering partnerships.

Inclusiveness & Diversity

The EOF seeks to engage all relevant sectors, including NGOs, academics, governments, and others. The EOF seeks to count all victims of femicide regardless of background or status.


The EOF research and activities aim to be innovative for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency.

Empowerment of Women

The EOF acknowledges that violence against women is rooted n the imbalance of power between women and men and its work is guided by the need to create an equal society as part of effective preventive frameworks.