A Study of Femicide in Turkey From 2010 to 2017


This paper presents a Turkey-wide analysis of 1,000 femicide cases, collected from 100 newspapers between 2010 and
2017. The study seeks to contribute to the international femicide literature by highlighting the background and reasons for
these murders, as characterized by the newspapers. The methodology involved frequency and chi-square analysis of the
data retrieved from 100 newspapers collected from the homepage of kadincinayetleri.org. The study reveals that a woman’s
intimate partner is the perpetrator in the highest number of femicide cases. The most common motives for femicides in
international micro-level studies are (1) possessiveness and jealousy and (2) loss, separation, or divorce. The present study
found these to be the first- and third-highest motives for femicide in Turkey. The motives of femicides can be interpreted
in the macro-level analysis as women’s resistance to men’s domination; their demand for control over women escalates to
murdering the woman as a form of backlash.

A Study Of Femicide In Turkey (pdf)